What is Web Forgery or phishing Attack ?

Web Forgery (also known as “Phishing”) is a form of identity theft that occurs when a malicious Web site impersonates a legitimate one in order to trick you into giving up sensitive information such as passwords, account details, or credit card numbers. Phishing attacks usually come from email messages that attempt to lure the recipient into updating their personal information on fake, but very real looking, Web sites. More information on phishing can be found at the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and there are a number of examples and resources available at the Wikipedia Phishing page.

One Email I got ..

We would like to inform you that your Chase online banking is currenty inactive. To avoid losing important information, scheduled payments and payees, you must reactivate your Chase online banking now:

Be sure to log in securely by opening the following affiliate Chase website:

Thank you for banking with Chase.

Chase Customer Center


You are receiving this email notification because this email address is listed as the administrative contact email for your Chase online banking.
© 2008 JPMorgan Chase & Co.
That website is really like the website of https://www.chase.com (Bank).. but its a fake one
Normally a user click on the link and provide his credit card details.
His CC details will explore to the owner of the mail..
thats the trick.
How we can identify  these type of phishing mails ?

me : yeay its me arun

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