what is web 2.0

The  Web 2.0 is a standard  for the website that allow users to participate . That means user can participate . They can express their feeling and ideas . The web 2.0 websites seems to be very fast even with multimedia content.This is achieved by the use of CSS. The main technology behind web 2.0 is  AJAX. Thats a very good and simple technology derived from the old technologies . It means Asynchronous javascript and XML .

Technologies ,
The core technology behind web 2.0 is ajax . Its a combination of all latest Technologies

Web 2.0 websites typically include some of these features:

Rich Internet application techniques, often Ajax-based
Semantically valid XHTML and HTML markup
Microformats enriching pages with additional semantics
Folksonomies (in the form of tags or tagclouds, for example)
Cascading Style Sheets to separate presentation from content
REST and/or XML- and/or JSON-based APIs
Syndication, aggregation and notification of data in RSS or Atom feeds
Mashups, merging content from different sources, client- and server-side
Weblog publishing tools
forum software, etc., to support user generated content
OpenID for transferrable user identity
Use of Open source software, such as the LAMP stack

Disadvantage ,

Do you think web 2.0 is secure ?

it is not secure , comment on it


me : yeay its me arun

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