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Basic Linux Commands | usefull for a webdeveloper

List Directory shell>ls Find a file or directory shell>find filename Edit a File shell>vi filename.txt Then file will be open, if you want to save that file then 1. press Esc 2. Type “:” (colon) 3. Type “wq” (w- write,q

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PHP MYSQL Tips and Tricks

This is a small article containing tricks and tips I aquired by reading PHP 6 Text Book. I was used isset() function to check whether these arguements are set or not. And also I need to check this is empty or

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Export Database to Excel or CSV File

The below code help you to export data from database to csv file exporttoxls To export a complete database, you should invoke all the tables via below code and apply the above code $dbname = ‘mysql_dbname’; if (!mysql_connect(‘mysql_host’, ‘mysql_user’, ‘mysql_password’))

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How to create a directory structure ?

How to create a directory structure ? or How to creata a tree structure  ? or How to design a database for a tree structure ? or How to design a database for storing hierarchical structure ? using single table

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