I can’t believe that I completed 1 year in Ventures Unlimited

Today is a special day for me, Because i have completed 1 year in ventures unlimited solutions. Last one year i gone through number of incidents and various experiments. My achievements in the last one year is very much important to me.
in first of last year i studied symfony frame work, I love this framework as well , because we don’t want to write complete code for the project, Lazy folks never
like coding from the scratch. So really i love it, it is fully on MVC architecture. MVC was also familiar to me though J2EE and Struts,
After that i have developed some platform for mobile VAS like bulk sms , shortcode , mobile to bulk sms customized applications, SMPP Protocols. REST Services,
In betweenthis i studied network and wireless configurations 🙂

I have been participated in the project cycle for an online examination software. It was my big project. A lot of modules in it. frankly speaking i have been
touch with each and every modules in it. faced a lot of problems .. with ajax (asynchronous calls, security issues and more ). Actually it given good exposure to me .

Next was on telephony domain . That is vUvOice. It was a great exposure to me . Because no one get such a situation to study this. Actually we decided to work on this domain because of freshness of this domain.
Our company policy is to take risk on various domain and achieve the goal by making solutions for the realtime situation. I think our company is the first one working on this domain in India.
I’m telling about asterisk… !!! The open PBX software used for soft switching, IVR solutions (Inbound and Outbound) .This is a dedicated platform for interactive response for voice applications.


me : yeay its me arun

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7 comments on “I can’t believe that I completed 1 year in Ventures Unlimited
  1. Kenney Jacob says:

    Nice post. But I hate to see Mr Advani (Domestic terrorist) just below the post.

  2. Mithun says:

    It has been more than a pleasure to have you with us Arun. Looking forward to even more eventful and successful years ahead.

  3. R Arun Raj says:

    Sorry it was an ads.

  4. R Arun Raj says:

    Thank you Mithun


  5. Rohan says:

    Congrats Arun.It was wonderful having you around,may God help u and us achieve greater heights through our gr8 association.

  6. Shoban says:

    Congrats buddy! And wish you all the best!

  7. R Arun Raj says:

    Thank you Rohan, thanks Shoban

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