How to configure your system as webserver ? or Port forwarding

Hello Guys,

It is very simple to make your own webserver.


1.   Static IP address

2.  Any webserver software (IIS, Apache,Tomcat any webserver )

3. Domain name with Managed DNS Service ( if you wish to have one domain name other wise you can use your ip address )

Simple Procedure.

1. Install you webserver on your machine.

2. Configure your modem.

1. Type

2. Provide default username and password (admin/admin)

3. Goto advanced Settings as shown in the figure

4. Add NAT virtual servers.

5. Save and reboot your system.

3. Now your server is ready . You can browse your computer by simply typing your IP Address in the address bar.

4. Add domain name

1.  forward www/ @  to your IP address .

5. Now your webserver ready..

have fun



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    thank u dear.

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