December 21 2012 the END ..!!! Is it ?

December 21 2012 the END ?

This video tells so many evident s to prove the  world will end 2012 .. !  The most pre·cise calendar is The Mayan Calendar. Unfortunately it ends on 2012. Can you believe ? . The Chinese calendar also ends on 2012. They have number of proph·esy to prove this.

please watch the video.

Even computer based project web-bot says it will happen .

Since its conception in the late 1990’s, the Web Bot Project has made a number of very accurate and insightful predictions regarding coming events. Originally designed to track stock market trends, the Web Bot uses a system of spiders that crawl the Internet looking for patterns of behavior, trends and chatter pertaining to coming events. This tool is believed to be able to forecast the future by tapping into the collective unconscious of society.

What do you think ? December 21 ?


me : yeay its me arun

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