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Tragedy With Lenovo Laptop

This a true story of mine. I brought a Lenovo 3000N200 series laptop one year back, exactly 21’st Feb 2008 from Dubai Shopping festival for Rs 35, 000. I was very satisfied with their product initially, as it is cost

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How to organize your computer. Optimize for performance

I did do something to improve my system performance. steps are. 1. Remove desktop background image . Use dark green background color that will support your healthy eyes. 😀 2.Clear the Temperory internet files . Open Run type “%tmp%”. Select

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Take care while connecting a pen drive to your system !

Hello, It is easy to spread virus through pendrive , Precautions . Press shift key when u connect pendive to your system. This will kill the autorun action. Then open mycomputer and rightclick on the drive icon and select explore.

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How to unhide hidden files through editing registry entry

a. Click “Start” the choose “Run…” (or press Windows key + R) b. Type regedit and click OK. PLEASE do this with caution, incorrectly editing your registry entry might render your computer useless. c. Browse the registry entry using the

Hacked By Godzilla – Virus Fixed

Hacked By Godzilla – Virus Fixed Hacked By Godzilla is a new computer virus that widely infect from using Handy Drive or Floppy Disk Defected We can not Double Click to open any Drive on our computer. But we can

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