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How to configure cURL in xampp server

xampp server with default configuration can’nt run curl_init(); to make it work in xampp server we have to edit three files namely 1. php.ini(which is a configuration stting file). 2. php.ini-recommended(INI-DIST file) 3. php.ini-dist(INI-RECOMMENDED file) open these files in notepad

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Unexpected Error in new PHP 5.3

Syntax Error , Unexpected ‘]’ in C:\xampp\php\browscap\browscap.ini on line 297.

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Lenovo Service Problems – Cntd

This problem happened to my friend. So many time it is serviced. But the problem persist . Only the replacement of this laptop will resolve the problem . Please go through video. The problem is It providing a long horrible

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How to add cron job or scheduled task in windows server / parallel plesk control panel

Select scheduled Task from parallel plesk control panel 1. Select Scheduled Task from parallel plesk control panel. [ad#sidebar320280] 2. Add new Task 3. Give the correct path to script program as shown in the figure.

Debugg Your Javascript by using FireBug Plugin for Mozilla Firefox

Debugging Javascript was very hard and time consuming. Fire bug is very good tool for monitoring html, css javascript and Ajax request. Also we can use firebug as a reengineering tool for online applications

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How to configure your system as webserver ? or Port forwarding

Hello Guys, It is very simple to make your own webserver. Requirements. 1.   Static IP address 2.  Any webserver software (IIS, Apache,Tomcat any webserver ) 3. Domain name with Managed DNS Service ( if you wish to have one

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Google Introducing Expandable ads on adsense Site

Google introduces expandable Ads.. ! a new type of ad that can appear on your pages. expandable ads may stream a movie trailer, show video game clips, or display various views of an item for sale It will display when

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Probelm with sending email via smtp to google app

I am facing some problem with sending email to google app via smtp. The problem is that when i try to send email to say hosted in google app. Then mail not delivering to that particular emailid. But all

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