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How to create Virtual Hosts PHP | Apache ?

Focus Web Developer should have a requirement to work on various environment . Some projects are in plain php, some are in Framework like CodeIgniter, Symfony .. These all need different configuration and sometime need to use htaccess mode rewrite

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Symfony Study Guide – Small Project Implementation

Download Symfony Sandbox 1.4 Source : Requirement : Xampp or Wamp Package PHP: 5.2 Above Download Symfony and put this into your website root Rename sf_sandbox to your project name. Here it is CRM open config/properties.yml file and put

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Google adding more application in Gmail. But it will reduce the performance: Gmail Problems

Google Introduces youtube previews ,picasaw…  in gmail labs. Enable your labs in gmail settings and experience it. I strongly suggest google that please do not add more app on gmail. It will reduce the performance of gmail. It’s facing lot

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How to configure your system as webserver ? or Port forwarding

Hello Guys, It is very simple to make your own webserver. Requirements. 1.   Static IP address 2.  Any webserver software (IIS, Apache,Tomcat any webserver ) 3. Domain name with Managed DNS Service ( if you wish to have one

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Google Introducing Expandable ads on adsense Site

Google introduces expandable Ads.. ! a new type of ad that can appear on your pages. expandable ads may stream a movie trailer, show video game clips, or display various views of an item for sale It will display when

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How to deploy Symfony project using sync or rsync

install rsync Download rsync and extract it to c:\windows\system32 Then run the command symfony project:deploy production Using rsync for Incremental File Transfer Uploading the whole project again and again is little irritating .. ! It is wastage of time

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December 21 2012 the END ..!!! Is it ?

December 21 2012 the END ? This video tells so many evident s to prove the  world will end 2012 .. !  The most pre·cise calendar is The Mayan Calendar. Unfortunately it ends on 2012. Can you believe ? .

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VuVoice :: Dedicated platform for integrated IVR Solutions

We have setup our new dedicated platform for VOIP platform. vuVoice is a dedicated platform for Interactive voice applications and automated bulk calls. It is a fully customizable and automated system for voice calls. We added lot of enhancement over

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