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How to create Virtual Hosts PHP | Apache ?

Focus Web Developer should have a requirement to work on various environment . Some projects are in plain php, some are in Framework like CodeIgniter, Symfony .. These all need different configuration and sometime need to use htaccess mode rewrite

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Symfony 1.4 Doctrine Pagination

Doctrine Pagination is made very simple . public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request) { $this->pager = new sfDoctrinePager(‘TableName’, sfConfig::get(‘app_max_jobs_on_homepage’); $this->pager->setQuery(Doctrine::getTable(‘TableName’)->createQuery(‘a’)); $this->pager->setPage($request->getParameter(‘page’, 1)); $this->pager->init(); } Success page <?php foreach ($pager->getResults() as $post): ?><div> <?php if($post->getTitle()) { echo link_to($post->getTitle(), ‘news/fullstory?expand=’.$post->getId(),’class=”mhead”‘); } ?> <?php if($post->getDn2()!=”)

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How to add cron job or scheduled task in windows server / parallel plesk control panel

Select scheduled Task from parallel plesk control panel 1. Select Scheduled Task from parallel plesk control panel. [ad#sidebar320280] 2. Add new Task 3. Give the correct path to script program as shown in the figure.

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Beta Version of Zend Application Server released

Zend Server Zend Server is a commercial, enterprise-ready Web Application Server that is designed for running and managing business-critical PHP applications in production. It includes advanced performance optimization, application monitoring and application problem diagnostic capabilities.  Zend Server users receive comprehensive

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Google Introducing Expandable ads on adsense Site

Google introduces expandable Ads.. ! a new type of ad that can appear on your pages. expandable ads may stream a movie trailer, show video game clips, or display various views of an item for sale It will display when

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Who run an organization ? is it an efficient people ? is it an effective people ? is it a highly talented people ?

Who run an organization ? is it an efficient people ? is it an effective people ? is it a highly talented people ? What do u think ? We have to think it. Because this world have a lot

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Project Management Tool in PHP under GPL:: DotProject

dotProject : the Open Source Project Management tool. dotProject is built using free open-source applications and is produced and maintained by a small, but dedicated group of volunteers. dotProject is programmed in PHP, and utilises MySQL for a backend database

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