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Basic Linux Commands | usefull for a webdeveloper

List Directory shell>ls Find a file or directory shell>find filename Edit a File shell>vi filename.txt Then file will be open, if you want to save that file then 1. press Esc 2. Type “:” (colon) 3. Type “wq” (w- write,q

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How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Mobile Office

Blackberries used to be the phone of choice for business people. However, with major companies like Bank of America and Citigroup considering switching to the iPhone, the tide is starting to turn in favour of Apple. So with that in

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Google Maps has a wide array of APIs that let you embed the robust functionality and everyday usefulness of Google Maps into your own website and applications, and overlay your own data on top of them: Maps JavaScript API Embed

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New venture for adobe :: Adobe flash Digital TV

Increasing the number of broadband users will increase the demand for online market. Adobe lets move flash to online Digital TVs. Adobe on Monday said its Flash platform for running rich Internet applications and playing online video will  attract giant 

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Google adding more application in Gmail. But it will reduce the performance: Gmail Problems

Google Introduces youtube previews ,picasaw…  in gmail labs. Enable your labs in gmail settings and experience it. I strongly suggest google that please do not add more app on gmail. It will reduce the performance of gmail. It’s facing lot

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How to configure your system as webserver ? or Port forwarding

Hello Guys, It is very simple to make your own webserver. Requirements. 1.   Static IP address 2.  Any webserver software (IIS, Apache,Tomcat any webserver ) 3. Domain name with Managed DNS Service ( if you wish to have one

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Google Introducing Expandable ads on adsense Site

Google introduces expandable Ads.. ! a new type of ad that can appear on your pages. expandable ads may stream a movie trailer, show video game clips, or display various views of an item for sale It will display when

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Who run an organization ? is it an efficient people ? is it an effective people ? is it a highly talented people ?

Who run an organization ? is it an efficient people ? is it an effective people ? is it a highly talented people ? What do u think ? We have to think it. Because this world have a lot

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