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PHP:: How to split a large array in small pieces :: or split array into chunks

Hello All, Yesterday i was searching for a solution to split large array into small pieces. Suddenly i noticed the that php have a built in function to split array into small pieces. It was very surprise to me ..

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How to add cron job or scheduled task in windows server / parallel plesk control panel

Select scheduled Task from parallel plesk control panel 1. Select Scheduled Task from parallel plesk control panel. [ad#sidebar320280] 2. Add new Task 3. Give the correct path to script program as shown in the figure.

Google adding more application in Gmail. But it will reduce the performance: Gmail Problems

Google Introduces youtube previews ,picasaw…  in gmail labs. Enable your labs in gmail settings and experience it. I strongly suggest google that please do not add more app on gmail. It will reduce the performance of gmail. It’s facing lot

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How to configure your system as webserver ? or Port forwarding

Hello Guys, It is very simple to make your own webserver. Requirements. 1.   Static IP address 2.  Any webserver software (IIS, Apache,Tomcat any webserver ) 3. Domain name with Managed DNS Service ( if you wish to have one

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What is Web Forgery or phishing Attack ?

Web Forgery (also known as “Phishing”) is a form of identity theft that occurs when a malicious Web site impersonates a legitimate one in order to trick you into giving up sensitive information such as passwords, account details, or credit

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How to send Emails From PHP using PHPMailer

PHP email transport class featuring file attachments, SMTP servers, CCs, BCCs, HTML messages, word wrap, and more. Sends email via sendmail, PHP mail(), QMail, or with SMTP. phpmailer_v21download or download it from put these files in you website

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