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Installing and configuring Asterisk

How to install Asterisk ? How to run Asterisk ? This youtube video help you to install, configure and run your astersisk the open source PBX.

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Asterisk Callme Architecture with PHP AGI

Extensions Configuration extensions.conf [callme] exten => s,1,AGI(callme.php|${CNUM}) CNUM is the variable passed to callme AGI Script Callme.php Agi Script #!/usr/bin/php /** * Author Arun Raj R * @package phpAGI_for Call me * @version 1.0 */ set_time_limit(30); require_once(“phpagi/phpagi.php”); $agi = new

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My Cv page updated

Go through my cv page

VuVoice :: Dedicated platform for integrated IVR Solutions

We have setup our new dedicated platform for VOIP platform. vuVoice is a dedicated platform for Interactive voice applications and automated bulk calls. It is a fully customizable and automated system for voice calls. We added lot of enhancement over

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Asterisk : The Future of Telephony

Asterisk : The Future of Telephony Asterisk is the world’s leading open source PBXi, telephony engine, and telephony applications toolkit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions…for

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