Bulk SmS service

Bulk SMS tool

Bulk SMS tool

Our SMS Web Interface will enable you to send SMS without the help of mobiles. On surfing through our Web Interface, you will come to realize that it i/s highly user friendly and efficient. Our Web based SMS tool offers bulk SMS delivery, group formation and manoeuvrability, bulk imports of contacts, and many advanced sending features. Companies and Individuals who wants to stay in touch with their staff and customers for their scheduled and unscheduled meetings, notices and product announcements, promotions and branding purposes can use our Web Based SMS tool. This will allow users to send the following alerts Portfolio information, Stock quotes, Price alerts, News headlines, Sports scores, Weather, Horoscopes, Classifieds exchange rates, Product availability, Holiday specials and Mobile coupons, Marketing campaigns promotional activities via coupons, Special offers and Incentives.


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