About Me

I am Arun Raj R, Software Engineer Holds a B-Tech Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology ( CUSAT) .

I have a passion about programming . I am working in lot of research type projects. I love to do research !!!

I really enjoy to study new technology as it occur but usually i didn’t get much time to get in touch with new technology.

Always busy with projects , freelance works and friends.

From the college days itself I taken lot of freelance works and earned money from it. And I made INR 8000-13000 monthly from google adsense.  Making money through google adsense is very simple. A lot of friends  started to work with google adsense they got inspired by me.

I respect the client with strong ethics and would like to maintain good relationship with them. When they grow I will also grow with them.

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  1. Hari K T says:

    You already own now right ?
    So may be good to update this ;)

  2. R Arun Raj says:

    yes i would find some time to update my site

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